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Our range of LEGEND FLOUR delivers quality, taste, availability and affordability, and our variety is the hallmark that distinguishes and differentiates us in the food industry.
All Purpose Flour

This versatile flour is ideal for a wide array of Asian food, and is milled from the finest wheat types. As medium strength flour, it guarantees high quality products.

Baker's Flour

The use of high quality gluten makes this flour very versatile, making it suitable for baking a wide variety of bread, buns and other bakery food items. The flour is white in colour with high water absorption and good dough strength, allowing bakers to maximise the number of bread loaves per kilo of flour.

Biscuit Flour

Crispy, delicious biscuits are made with this very special variety of high quality wheat.

Noodle Flour

Noodle Flour has rich, nutritious properties that we personalise individually to cater each client, as each has their own set of requirements for the end product manufacturing process.

Rotti Flour

This flour is specially milled for eateries from the best selection of wheat. With wonderful elasticity, this flour is ideal for rotti, parata, naan and similar food items.

Wholemeal Flour

This wholesome flour is made by grinding the entire wheat kernel along with the bran. It is ideal for health bread and rotti.

Semolina Flour

Semolina is the coarse, purified middlings of wheat, and is suitable for cakes, puddings, sweets, porridge, idly, dosa and uppuma etc.

Cake Flour

Introducing Cake Flour for the first time in Legend Flour range of products. Specialized soft wheat flour ideal for the preparation of any kinds of cake. Provide a smoother texture, better mouth feel, extra volume and softness for your cake.

Atta Flour

This flour contains a high amount of protein. Atta flour is made from whole wheat which is commonly used for making Asian delights such as Chapatti, Puri, Naan and even Rotti.

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