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At LEGEND FLOUR (M) Sdn Bhd, we drive our strength from our success, experience and expertise. Our mill is a flagship project, aiming to broad-base the flour production industry. Incorporated in December 1999, the principal parent’s company has invested US$ 56 million in its port-based, fully equipped flour mill, with the capacity to mill 1,000 metric tonnes of wheat per day and produce LEGEND FLOUR range of flour products. Our uncompromising focus on quality is the core value of our corporate philosophy. Flour, in its multiple variations, is a basic food commodity that reaches millions of people in numerous end product forms, transcending age, gender and social barriers.


The mill is equipped with the latest Swiss Buhler technology, making it possible to produce wheat flour of far superior quality. With a total milling capacity of 1,000 metric tonnes per day, and the potential to mill twice that amount, it is one of the world’s largest on a single line, and is equipped with a high-tech online monitoring system, which can be operated from any destination. There is also an online quality monitoring system which enables us to identify the quality of the flour by checking for moisture, ash and protein levels. The production is free of human intervention from ship unloading to packing. The mill also has both wheat blending and flour blending options.

Unloading And Storage
For unloading purposes, the mill is equipped with two pneumatic ship unloaders, each having the capacity to unload 300 metric tonnes per hour. Additionally, there are 18 bulk silos, each with a capacity of 3,000 metric tonnes and 10 star silos with a capacity to store 800 metric tonnes. The total storage capacity for wheat grains at the mill exceeds 60,000 metric tonnes. It can store up to 4000 metric tonnes of finished products, out of which 3200 metric tonnes are used to store wheat flour.





An intense and rigorous procedure is undertaken to ensure that the wheat grains are free of any foreign materials before it is milled. The cleaning process follows three different stages: First Cleaning of wheat, Second Dampening of wheat, and Second Cleaning of wheat. The cleaning occurs at a rate of 47 tonnes per hour. All foreign particles such as dust, sand, and broken seeds will be removed during the cleaning process.






The packing of the flour is done in two packing lines, at a rate of 13-14 bags per minute. There is also a bulk unloader that can be used to load flour into tankers.





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