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The wheat flour industry is characterized by a rapid increase of domestic consumption and are supported by equally fast growing food processing industries. Wheat flour consumption in Malaysia alone is more than 3.5 million tonnes per annum, and more than a billion tonnes is consumed annually within the South East Asia region..

  • The wheat flour distributed by the company is of superior quality as it is unbleached and therefore free from chemicals. High with natural nutrition yet our flour is very competitive in price.

  • Our flour is imported from Middle East, which among the largest exporter of wheat flour in the world in 2009, by exporting 600 millions tonnes wheat flour yearly..

  • The companyʼs strong collaboration with flour mill gives our customers the comfort of having high quality and an uninterrupted   supply of products.

  • Our customers range from retailers and petty traders, which operate sundry and provision shops, to industrial food producers and bakeries.
    The company approaches business holistically by recognizing the close connection of financial success and the desire to make a positive impact to the health of Malaysians by providing an alternative source of healthy consumer goods.
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