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LEGEND FLOUR (M) SDN. BHD. is a company licensed by the Government of Malaysia as a wholesaler and distributor of high quality unbleached wheat flour for domestic and international markets.


One of our steadfast principle is that business can only be successful when it is done for the benefit of all parties - consumers receive high quality and healthy products, while the company stands to make reasonable profits.


As a company we strive to be different. We are propelled to conduct business fairly. Business which must be based on integrity and the ability to keep our commitments to our customers.


At LEGEND FLOUR, quality, consistency and commitment to clients are our priorities and business culture. We strive to be dynamic and versatile, towards unending commitment for customer satisfaction.

What Makes Us Different

Given a choice, you probably wouldn't add things like benzoyl peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and potassium bromate to the cookies you're making for the family picnic. Similarly at LEGEND FLOUR, our approach is to produce a more natural composition to our flour - it is chemical free and unbleached, and our custom processes naturally enhances our wheat grains richer in protein, making our flour a lot healthier and safer for all in the family, and for all occasions.

Premium Hard Wheat

LEGEND FLOUR begins with the highest grade hard wheat; it's more expensive than soft wheat or lesser grades of hard wheat. We select it especially for its baking properties. The difference shows in the unmatched texture, taste and volume of everything you bake. Breads rise higher; cakes are moister; pie crust is tenderer.

More Protein

Hard wheat contains more protein than soft wheat. As a result, LEGEND FLOUR contains more protein, as much as 20% more than ordinary Malaysian flours. Bread bakers know that protein equals gluten, the magical elastic substance that makes bread rise. That's why LEGEND FLOUR performs so well for yeast breads. Did you also know that protein retains moisture? It's true. And that's why anything baked with LEGEND FLOUR - brownies, cookies, cakes, or quick breads - stays fresh longer.

Careful Milling

Our protein-rich hard wheat is ground to the narrowest tolerances in the milling industry. Bakers can depend on LEGEND FLOUR for consistent performance, no matter where or when the flour is purchased.

Heart of the Wheat Berry

For our LEGEND FLOUR, we mill only the innermost heart of the wheat berry, avoiding dark mineral particles near the bran and germ. Again, this is a more expensive proposition. But the payoff is great. The heart of the berry contains the lightest color and the richest, gluten-producing protein. So LEGEND FLOUR earns its warm creamy appearance and superior baking performance naturally.

Legend Flour



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